2013 Trip to Istanbul, Turkey

- Spice Market Street Scenes - Hagia Sophia - Sultan Ahmed (Blue) Mosque -

The photo doesn't communicate of the aromas. You can get a spice buzz in this place. Caption - 000

Fresh fish is abundant. One reason we have such vague notions about the geography of this region may be that there is so much interplay between land and water, the Sea of Marmara, and the Black, Aegean and Capsian Seas... Caption - 002

This is a fruit stand, but the local cuisine rocks in part because a wide variety of fresh vegetables are used in creative ways..., lots of eggplant, ocra, parsnips, veggies we don't much bother with. Caption - 001

Shopkeepers take considerable pride in their work, and there is a friendly competition behind their vigorous and witty appeals to passersby: "How can I help you spend your money." Caption - 003

With the Black Sea and Sea of Marmara to the North and south respectively, and the Borsphorus running between the two, Istanbul has something of a Venice vibe; but not as logistically edgy as Venice. Caption - 003

You can see the Gelata Tower, once known as the Tower of Jesus, in the distance Caption - 040

After a bus tour on our first full day, we gained a sense of direction, and got on the ground to see and interact with people. This is looking across the Gelata Bridge towards the New City section of Istanbul. Caption - 045

One of the atrium bazaars along Istiklal Avenue. Caption - 046

I love some of the creativity found in Graffiti: Let's just call it "Istanbul's rich cat narrative." Caption - 047

"Istanbul's rich graffiti life." Caption - 048

These bustling retail areas are surprisingly tranquil and quiet, compared with the din of motor vehicles and machines in the new town district of the city. Caption - 049a

The dates, the olives, the pickled peppers..., the black pepper for that matter. The raw ingredients are delicious, like alone prepared dishes. Caption - 049b

A street scene quintessential of Istanbul's old city, near the Spice Market. Caption - 049

- Spice Market Street Scenes - Hagia Sophia - Sultan Ahmed (Blue) Mosque -

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