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2010 Trip to China - Shanghai

- Beijing & Xian - Guilin - Suzhou & Shanghai - China Photography -

In Suzhou we visited a silk factory and gardens in a private home. Of course I took major notes in the gardens. I brought some ideas back for the garden in 2011 - 0601

Hard to imagine, Suzhou has a Silicon valley thing going on, with Dell, Microsoft, Apple and others doing a lot of production in the area. - 0611

We ended our tour in Shanghai, "bright lights, big city". - 0635

Always optimistic and sometimes naive, I tend to believe China understands the environmental issue and will choose not to recreate the West's 19th and 20th centruy environment approach. You see that in the Li Valley, but it's not so evident in the Huangpu River. - 0626

Shanghai is like New York without the aged infrastructure, Mets and Facebook - 0645

The older West section of the city is totally charming - 0634

Thanks Ming for sharing your love of China and helping to make this such an unforgettable trip - 1525

This is a pretty amazing gif of Shanghai "then" and "now."

Goodbye Shanghai, Pearl at the "Center of the World." Goodbye China..., for now. - 0629

Chinaspree rocks!

- Beijing & Xian - Guilin - Suzhou & Shanghai - China Photography -

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