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2010 Trip to China - More Xian, Guilin & Suzhou

- Beijing & Xian - Guilin - Suzhou & Shanghai - China Photography -

Xian is an ancient city, with lots of very one temples and monuments. This is the Wild Goose Pagoda. - 00309

One of several Buddhas in the Garden that is next to the Wild Goose Pagoda. - 0302

...at the Wild Goose Pagoda. - 0268

The Great Mosque in Xian is unique for its architural admixure of Chinese and Islamic styles. Muslims are very prosperous in the area. - 0339

Love my country, but I saw a mosque in in every city I visited in China. Back in the States, folks sound ready to lynch (again) over an Islanmics center near Ground Zero (Let's hope they save some righteious indignation for the strip club down the street) - 0337

Another photo taken inside the mosque. There are major concentrations of ethnic minorities in Xian and in the South and West. - 0340

A beautiful, peaceful place to be in the center of busy Xian. It's also a living mosque with religious studies, instruction and worship going on - 0335

Chinaspree had us going to so many cool places, I don't remember in this was an opera we attended in Beijing or Xi'an . - 1294

Before leaving Xian, we enjoyed the famous dumpling dinner. This one was duck obviously, but there were at least 16 varieties of dumpling served, including shrimp, frog, pork, veggie, chicken, goose egg, ad infinitum - 1166

Guilin's beauty doesn't need explanation and can't be enhanced by my mediocre photography - 0384

The veritable flotilla of other tour boats and rafts failed to spoil the grandeur of this place - 0416

This is why I had to return to China. - 0379

Karen wasn't feeling the redo of Beijing, but returned to her role as the coolest travelling companion you'd ever want when we go to Xian, Here are my ultra-peopz in Guilin - 0534

It's called snake wine, but given its alcohol content, brandy or liguor would be more accurate. - 1408

Here we pass through the point along the river that is depicted on the reverse of the 20 yuan note. - 0511

The same properties of limestone that make for the bizarre mounds on the surface, generated several spectacular caves underground. - 0575

Here are BeYonne and Thedra with our local guide for Guilin, Sue. - 0420

I shot most of these at a focal length of 12mm, which translated means, you'd have to stand four feet away from a 10 foott wide enlargement of this photo in order to get a sense of the panorama. It's like the Grand Canyon. You can't capture it in photos - 0496

I confirmed on this trip my impression that the mainland Chinese people are warm and frank, with ambitions to show the world how to "do civilization right this time." - 0539

- Beijing & Xian - Guilin - Suzhou & Shanghai - China Photography -

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