Video and Photos of the 2008 Bradley-Johnson Walker-White Family Reunion

Link to video 2008 Reunion Welcome.

Link to video of the Meet & Greet Session.

Link to video of Achievements and Acknowledgements Session.

Link to (future) video of the Genealogy Session.

Photos of the Family, June 10th, 2008

Musing before the Group Photo

Oronde in the house

My second cousin Tahira's nephew Chris and son Eric.

Cousin Frances (right) with daupher, my second cousin, Tahira.

Sister-in-law Margaret. Thanks sweetie for all the help.

Cousin Geneva and brother-in-law Sam joking before we took the group photo, with great-nephew Johnathan in background.

The Genealogy Session

Edgar came through with huge printouts of the genealogy charts that were essential to the session.

I was finally able to share with the family all the information they had given over the years.

Larry and family, Tiny and Ken.

This is a photo from the meet and greet session, with Geneva and younger sister introducing the Muldrew family.

My brother Edgar with wife MArgaret and daughter MAri.

Ken presenting some of the Aderson family membersi.

Fun, Food and Family

Daughters of neice Sandra with great neices and great-great niece.

Two of my cousin's daughters (grandchildren of Ernest and Maxine Muldrew) granddaughter. I am working on gathering up the names of many of my relatives that I either have not met or not seen for years. Forgive me.

Relative whose name I'm searching for with brother-in-law Sam.

Two neices through my wife's brother, my wife Thedra and daughter BeYonne.

Two of Ernest and Maxine Muldrew's great-grandchildren with parents and uncle.

My father-in-law and sister-in-law with nephew

My sister Ann with some of her grandchildren.

Food and fellowship before the sessions.>

Sister Ann with my brother-in-law Sam.

Second cousin Tahira with son and nephew and brother Oronde.

Two brothers Edgar and Geogre with gewat nephew Aaron

Sister Ann and neice Sandra with great neices, a great nephew and great-great niece.

Niece Sandra and second cousin Tahira with Sandra and nephew John's children.

Second cousin Larry Kelly (right) wiht family member I'll have to identify.

My father-in-law, James Lewis and brother-in-law Wallace Jones.